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​Marie Rose Ruffalo

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Marie Rose Ruffalo was an only child born in Wisconsin to French and Italian parents.

Her father, Claude Hebert, was French-Canadian and her mother, Yolanda Piccolo, was of second generation Italian ancestry.

Although heavily influenced by both cultures, the French influence tends to be more predominate in her mannerisms.

She was married very young to Frank Ruffalo, Jr. and had four children.

But in between raising four young children, who were born a year apart, she took art classes to fulfill her passion for self expression.

Their marriage ended in the late 80s shortly after they relocated in Mission Beach, California.


But she remained in San Diego after meeting and later marrying Jerry Hull.

They spent the next Twenty-five years living in downtown La Jolla - a block away from the Green Dragon - the original artist colony that created La Jolla.

Although engaged in another career at the time, any moments of leisure time - and perhaps influenced by the Green Dragon - Marie Rose would find herself focused on the creation of art.

She also stayed in La Jolla to be near her two sons. The oldest, Mark Ruffalo, who became a successful movie actor; and his younger brother, Scott Ruffalo, a successful Beverly Hills hair cutter, who was tragically murdered in 2008. An event that changed her life forever.

Marie Rose also has four daughters: Tonya Ruffalo, Nicole Ruffalo and step-daughters, Jennifer Bandoni and Stephanie Vaux as well as nine grandchildren and two step-great-grandchildren.

But through good times or bad times, art has always provided Marie Rose with a vehicle to express her deepest sadness and feelings of loss, as well as her greatest joys.

In 2013 - after subsequent moves in 2005 to the Hollywood Hills and a return to downtown San Diego in 2006 - Marie Rose and her husband moved across the country to Boothbay Harbor Maine. But it was no coincidence that it was in another old artist colony called Green Shutters, and again near her son Mark and his family, who now live in New York.

And the other reason for relocation was to re-launch her long delayed art career.

Marie Rose hopes that viewers of the Gallery Page will find her work interesting and stimulating. And any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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